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10 Jul

Contact Making Event- Farming with young people- UK


Contact Making Event- Farming with young people- UK

Contact Making Event

Farming with young people

Arrival Date: 3rd October 2015 Departure Date: 10th October 2015

County Durham, United Kingdom


The proposed project - ‘Farming with young people’ - is a contact making event aimed at developing capacities, networks and future project ideas of partner promoters interested in popularising agricultural, gardening and farming activities among young people. This will beachieved through the successive implementation of the following project objectives:

- bringing together promoters from EU, SEE and EEC countries to discover the needs of our regions and potential for developing agricultural initiatives with young people

- developing closer links between partner organisations involved as well as discovering the opportunities for the joint future cooperation in the youth field

- exchanging best practices already being implemented in the field of youth work, in particular those related to creation of closer links with the environment, gardening, farming, recycling, etc.

- creating new and innovative ideas of how to get young people interested in farming and other nature related activities

- discovering the potential of Erasmus+ Programme and similar EU and/or local funds, invaluable in supporting greater engagement of young people with nature

- developing the necessary capacities in preparing successful funding applications (e.g. applications writing, needs analysis, goals setting).


The project will see the implementation of various non-formal education methods such as ice-breakers and energizers, team building exercises, small group discussions, role-plays, and individual reflection, feedback and evaluation activities.


The following project is financially supported by the ERASMUS+ grant. Hence, 100% of the food and accommodation expenses will be covered by the organisers, as well as up to 100% of the overall travel costs (please see the max. allowances per country listed below). Also, due to some extra attractions being planned for the course, participation fee has been set as 20 GBP per participant.


All participants will be accommodated in basic hostel accommodation at the YMCA Weardale House, situated in the very centre of county Durham in Northern England. Please visit the website of our hosts:

and check the photos of the place. Additionally, all meals and workshops will be provided at the hostel or other CME venues. Information about that will be shared at the later stages.

Please note that you will need to bring your own towels and toiletries!

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to the venue being situated away from any cities and hence not easily accessible, we would like to encourage international

participants to arrive already on 2nd Oct and depart not earlier than in the afternoon of 10th Oct.


The project venue is situated in northern England. Hence the nearest airport is that in

Newcastle upon Tyne. Since the airport is rather small, you may find better connections to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, East Midlands Airport or Edinburgh. London airport are also accessible, but please not that it takes at least 3-6 hours from London to get to the north.

Hence, before booking any tickets please do consult with us first!

In order to find suitable connections within the UK, please check the following websites:

- trains -

- coaches - or


Participants are allowed to arrive OR depart max. 2 days before OR 2 days after the

mobility. Extra stay will not be supported with food or accommodation, yet you can use this time to visit some places around the UK. Should your stay be longer than 2 days (unless necessary!) we do reserve the right not to reimburse part of your travel costs. If in doubt, please consult our team in advance!

In line with the rules of the ERASMUS+ Programme, we would like you to make your travel arrangements using the cheapest travel options available. Also, before purchasing any tickets, please make sure that your travel times/cost are approved by us in advance!

In order to receive up to 100% reimbursement of your travel costs, please ensure that your expenses fit in within the max. budget allocated per country. Should you go over the limit,

the excess will constitute your own contribution to the project.

Partners: UK, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia, Italy, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Georgia, Ukraine, Albania total number of participants 31

Max. Travel budget Romania- Asociatia Act Integration: 2 persons : 360 Euros


Health insurance will not be provided or reimbursed by the organisers (unless it is required in the visa

process). All participants are hence required to purchase health insurance individually. If you live in

an EU country and use a national health insurance system there, please apply for a FREE European

Health Insurance Card:


In order to maximise the time spent together in the UK, we shall provide you with a list of things to

prepare/do before the CME. These will be concerned with:

 preparing country presentation for the intercultural evening

 gathering information about the sending organisation (leaflets, videos, examples of previous

projects, special items etc.) to be shared later during the event

 carrying out short research related to the topic of the CME - findings will be shared at the start of the activity and will be used as the basis for the future joint projects.

Further info will be forwarded by e-mail in due time to all selected participants.

Also, once the participants recruitment process is finalised, we shall be sharing the proposed

timetable with you. It is crucial for us to adjust the CME agenda to your needs and to make it as practical as possible


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